Gaige & Feliccitti Maine Court Reporters

Each of our reporters has over 20 years of experience recording witness testimony in depositions of all kinds, all over the state of Maine and beyond. Our team possesses extensive experience in all areas of court reporting.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Depositions
• Medical malpractice
• Asbestos litigation
• Employment litigation
• Arbitrations
• Hearings
• Court proceedings
• Grand jury

Our reporters are located throughout southern, central, and northern Maine, regularly serving the Augusta, Bangor, Lewiston/Auburn, Greater Portland, York areas, and any town in between.

We run a technologically-advanced office that is on the forefront of technical needs in depositions, arbitrations, and legal meetings. We are the only court reporting firm in Maine that has an on-site conference room in our Portland office, offers in-house videography and videoconferencing services, and maintains an IT staff and private server to meet a high standard of security and legal compliance.

No town is too remote and no case is too small, we are committed to recording witness testimony with the accuracy and professionalism your client deserves.

Book a reporter 24/7 through our online scheduling form, or contact us directly through phone or email to learn more about deposition coverage.